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5 Best Effective Ways to Make money online

There is a lot to do if you’re thinking of making money online, but I’ll let you know best five of them. All these are effective ways to make money online.

1. Start Blogging
Start your own blog at blogger and sign up for Adsense. Adsense lets you run ads on your blog and helps you to earn. In this essence is all your content. Keep it clear and simple in order to get real visitors.

2. URL Shortening
Using any URL Shortening service which pays per visit is the best way to do If you are not interested in blogging. But for this, you have to distribute your link to the maximum people on the internet, so that you will get required clicks.  I will recommend you only two highest paying URL Shortening Services a)ouo.io($1.5/1000 clicks)  b) shorte.st ($1.1/1000 clicks)

3. Affiliate Marketing
You can join any affiliate program I will recommend you to join Google Apps affiliate marketing at first and secondly any web hosting service providers’ affiliate program.

4. Startup
You can think of any startup idea and start working of project report. Making effective project report will help you to get funding i.e. loan from the bank. Then you go on implementing your startup idea.

5. Android App
This is Apps era nowadays. You can think of developing any android app and integrating it with AdMob. AdMob is an effective way to monetize your android app. AdMob has highest payout rates. You just have to promote your android app later.

I hope you will get on track and start earning right now choose any of the methods and go for it.

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