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When to Activate JetPack Mobile theme ?

 JetPack mobile theme is one of the useful option available with this plugin. But there are few things while using it. It sometimes enhances your blog appearance and sometimes it doesn’t. This is because of two scenarios below 1. You don’t have responsive WordPress theme for your blog 2. Your …

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You Must know This Web Hosting Terminologies

Most of us don’t know actually important parameters of web hosting. While choosing the plan we only focus on Storage. But there are other parameters also which are equally important as storage space. Let’s take a look. Disk Space – This is the amount of storage space available for you to …

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Web Hosting Do’s and Dont’s

We all need web hosting packages for our websites, but what are the factors to be considered in setting up an order ? How many parameters you look first ? all of your questions will be answered in a while so read it till the end to get the best …

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5 Best Effective Ways to Make money online

There is a lot to do if you’re thinking of making money online, but I’ll let you know best five of them. All these are effective ways to make money online. 1. Start Blogging Start your own blog at blogger and sign up for Adsense. Adsense lets you run ads …

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Growtraffic.com Review

There are lot of sites who do offer traffic but there is a catch…! Most of the websites say so-called “Real Traffic” but they use bots to complete the order in time. This affects the site ranking because visits last less than a two seconds which is kinda horrible. Imagine …

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WordPress Blog first 5 things to do

You might be willing to start or already having WordPress blog, but first, five things you should do to make your blog effective and attractive enough are right here…!   The Motto : Decide your blog’s direction and be specific about it. While blogging you must be aware of the …

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