Sir / Madam,

The major cause cited for the introduction of a licentiate examination is the dwindling quality of medical education as provided by private medical colleges and deemed universities. But most of the private colleges are under the affiliation of state universities, following their prescribed curriculum and regulations. Even deemed universities are subjected to regular inspection by the MCI and also follow the curriculum prescribed by the MCI.

So if the quality of medical education provided by these colleges is not up to the mark, it is not the fault of the students but that of the regulatory bodies who accredit them year after year overlooking the lapses in the education provided. Subjecting students to a licentiate exam is not going to improve the quality of medical education provided in these institutes.

What has to be done is standardization of syllabus, which is delivered effectively to the students through good teaching methods amidst adequate infrastructure that is updated periodically. This has to be reviewed from time to time also taking review from students to ensure quality.

There are various lacunae in the current curriculum that need correction at this point. Instead of focusing on those first, the government should not go about implementing a licentiate exam as it will not serve the purpose of improving the quality of medical education in the country.

All that will be achieved by the current move is a proliferation of  coaching institutes all over the country that will help students clear the exam. This will not mean they are competent enough to practice medicine. Hence, please reconsider the proposal to conduct a licentiate examination that allows MBBS graduates to practice medicine in the country.


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