Sir / Madam,

The government is proposing to conduct a National Medical Licentiate Examination for MBBS graduates for which they have to appear for after their five and a half years of medical education. It is to ensure quality of the existing medical education. but it is clear that what will happen is that students will depend on coaching institutes to clear this exam too. It does not serve the purpose of improving the quality. Basically, anyone could attend coaching classes and clear the exam and a student clearing this exam will not mean he/she is competent to practice medicine.

Medicine is a practical science and its quality assessment requires more than an objective test. It includes several practical skills that have to be administered at the college levels first. For this, the curriculum and the teaching methodology have to be improved and modified rather than conducting such an exam at the end of five and a half years.

Also the medical institutions in this country run according to the guidelines set by government bodies. In spite of that if the government suspects the quality of education; it raises questions against the said regulatory bodies rather than the students. So instead of putting the students through the agony of another examination, what the government needs to do is revise the curriculum according to the changing needs of the country.  Also it should periodically review the curriculum as well as its delivery in the institutes by taking suggestions from the students themselves as well as conducting stringent inspections.

The proposal to conduct a licentiate exam is not only futile but may also prove to be counterproductive in encouraging mal practices. Therefore, please review the said proposal.


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