Sir / Madam,
If the NMLE comes into force, students will prefer to prepare for exams like USMLE and the like. This will encourage more students to pursue their medical careers abroad. This will be a reason for brain drain and we will lose qualified doctors to other countries.

India already has a dwindling doctor patient ratio. If the students are encouraged further to go abroad, the consequences will be catastrophic for India’s masses. Careers in foreign countries are more beneficial to the doctors in terms of income as well as standard of living. Hence, many students will prefer to go abroad.  

Also, to correct an error like the poor quality of medical education, an exam is not a solution. The proposal to conduct an exam in 3 years is not a sustainable solution. The problem requires more elaborate solutions such as standardization of syllabi and rectification of the gap between theory and practice of skills. Unless the medical students are not adequately trained in the practical aspects of the craft, they cannot be labelled competent doctors.

Lastly, the responsibility of ensuring the quality of medical education rests on the authorities rather than the students. Hence forcing the students to write such an exam instead of improving the curriculum is not the ideal solution to the problem at hand.

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