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Five Must Have Plugins for your WordPress Blog


While blogging you need few tools to enhance your productivity, that’s why we use plugins in WordPress Blog. From my experience, I have listed out five must have plugins for your blog. Read it till the end hope you will use most of them asap.


  1. JetPack by WordPressJetPack

    This has the bunch of functionalities for your blog and each one of them is very helpful. You can configure social sharing buttons, Mobile theme (Read More at When to activate JetPack Mobile theme ?), Publicize which lets you automatically share, Rating etc.

  2. Meta slider

    This lets you put sliders on your posts / pages as and when you require them. It is very easy to configure and embed inside your blog. It has enough options for you to enhance your blog appearance.

  3. Social Login
    Social Login

    There are many plugins available online, which lets your visitors to connect with your blog via social login. But I found this plugin , which can be configured easily. It lets you use wide range of social networks you just have to select social network to enable and hit “save” (Read more How to Configure Social Login for your blog )

  4. Email Subscribers
    Email Subscribers

    Once visitor connects with your website it required to bring that connected one’s to your blog to read your articles. This technique is abbreviated as Re-targeting. Email Subscriber Sends an E-mail to everyone when you update your blog or post any new content on it. You just need to install this plugin and import your subscriber emails in .csv format. You may add subscribers one by one.

  5. Default Featured Image
    Default Featured Image

    This one is special for new bloggers. As a newbie sometimes we forget to set featured image for posts, this affects blog’s appearance as it ends up having posts without featured images. To counter this problem it lets you set default image which will be displayed if your posts don’t have any.




There exists a lot of plugins for WordPress but depending upon your blog and visitor behavior you might need various functionalities to your blog. Accordingly, you choose plugins and apply them, But for the bloggers who are just getting started, I found these plugins the very essential ones.

If you find this helpful don’t forget to subscribe and do comment below how you liked it.  Happy Blogging.

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