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Free Blogging site limitations

You can start your blogging for free by using free tools available on the internet. The most probable blogging tools are Blogger.com WordPress.com and there are many of them. But most widely used are the two I just enlisted them.

But there is a catch…! you can start blogging using blogger but it has editing limitations. While talking about WordPress it limits the creativity. Let me explain you in detail.

First and foremost Google’s Blogger, It limits your editing freedom i.e. It doesn’t offer you better word editing tools. You can only use a few of them, has limited fonts.

Now about the WordPress, it is the easiest platform for blogging but it restricts you to install plugins. Plugins are those components in WordPress which are used to give your blog better look, sometimes it adds additional functionality to your blog which is required.

Thus, there are limitations using free blogging tools so what now?

Don’t worry We have solutions for you Just a few steps to free blogging in next article

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