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Growtraffic.com Review

There are lot of sites who do offer traffic but there is a catch…! Most of the websites say so-called “Real Traffic” but they use bots to complete the order in time. This affects the site ranking because visits last less than a two seconds which is kinda horrible. Imagine a single real visitor clicks your link and it takes at least 3 seconds for a normal site to load. (Mostly the case with Fiverr Gigs)

But this is not the case with Growtraffic orders. You can rely on this site with your eyes close. You can start with the minimum of $25 for a monthly traffic of 10k visitors, all are unique obviously. This website drives genuine targeted niche traffic to your website as expected.  Let’s see how to order a traffic on Grotraffic.

At first, go to https://growtraffic.com/pricing then choose the traffic (Total Visitors) you wish to get. In this case, I have selected 10k costing me $25 for a month.


Next Selecting Target and Geolocation i.e. niche and country. As I wish to get traffic on one of my web hosting website I  selected “Web hosting” as a niche and my country “India”.
step2_tg step3_dr

Now finally submit your details like website url, name and email id  and hit start campaign green buttonstep4_dt

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