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How to Register Domain Name ?

There are multiple websites offering domain names but there is a general procedure for registering a domain name. It starts with your selection of domain extension ( What are Domain Extensions ?) Then Domain Availability check and finally checkout.

Here is one example with EduSpace Asia for registration of domain extension ‘.top’.  As we have selected domain extension and we need to choose what domain name we want ? For example, say I wish to register “yourname”  with Domain Extension “.top”  you may choose different domain extension.

I will go for Domain Name Availability check now. To do this go to EduSpace Asia website and Search for “yourname.top”dr12

After this step, you will be redirected to results page which will tell you if the domain name is available or not also it will display the price for the same.

dr32As seen in image 1. Showes domain name is available 2. Shows the price for it in INR 3. is the checkout button. Click to checkout to register domain name.dr42Now site may ask you to purchase add-ons like web hosting, SSL Certificates etc. but remember we are registering the only domain name and so skip all of them and check out with your credit/debit card.

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