Most of us don’t know actually important parameters of web hosting. While choosing the plan we only focus on Storage. But there are other parameters also which are equally important as storage space. Let’s take a look.

Disk Space –

This is the amount of storage space available for you to host a website and other services like Databases , Email Accounts. It will depend on upon how much is your website content and how many space is required for your website programming files.

Data Transfer –

This is the amount of data to be accessed monthly via your website. When you visit any website it transfers content like images, videos and web pages to your device this amount is metered monthly. This metering of data will tell you how much data is accessed from your web server. Usually, there is a limit to how much data is to be transferred monthly. This is also known as Bandwidth. It plays a vital role when your visitors are large in numbers.

Email Accounts –

This tells you the allowed number of Email Accounts to your web hosting package. Depending upon your Team size you can choose how many Email Id’s you might need. Each Email Account is allotted some space which is from your allowed Disk Space of your package. You can Manage it from your control panel (cPanel)

Databases –

This indicates how many databases you can host on your account. WordPress like web platforms comes with single database configurations but sometimes you might need more than one database. It again depends on your application. It also needs space to store your organized data, which is allotted from your disk space as and when required.

Subdomains –

If you have a website named * where anything comes at * is a subdomain. for ex in this case es2 is a subdomain to your website. This also is a number which is allowed to host.

Addon Domains –

This number tells you how many websites you can host to your server. You can host multiple websites on the single server if allowed Addon Domains are 1 or more.



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