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WordPress Blog first 5 things to do

You might be willing to start or already having WordPress blog, but first, five things you should do to make your blog effective and attractive enough are right here…!   The Motto : Decide your blog’s direction and be specific about it. While blogging you must be aware of the …

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Choosing your blogging platform tips and tricks

It is an essential to know what type of website you want. Based on your website type platform selection will vary. For example Blogging, E-commerce, Classified , Forum, Educational, Custom PHP Development etc. You may install anyone of these platform by downloading from an individual website or by one click …

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Free Blogging site limitations

You can start your blogging for free by using free tools available on the internet. The most probable blogging tools are Blogger.com WordPress.com and there are many of them. But most widely used are the two I just enlisted them. But there is a catch…! you can start blogging using blogger …

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