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Why Personal Branding ?

You are unique and everyone wants some attention. Who doesn’t ?? There are multiple options to stand out fro the crowd. People mostly use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus but that is not enough. It takes a lot of time to update each one of them.

There is a catch too generally social networking sites work on their algorithm which displays your posts to your network on the rank basis. Again these ranks are altered while displaying advertising. So your posts may be standing away from the crowd you wish to reach. That’s horrible..!

That’s why people go for blogging sites and write about themselves. But free blogging sites have limitations to your creativity. This is not desired while making yourself a brand, isn’t it?

So what now ? Relax and get suitable Domain name for yourself and host a website. Generally, web hosting costs much than domain registration. What you gotta do is register your domain name and point it to Free Web hosting. (Read more How to get Free Web hosting ). By doing this to things you will be able to design your own personal website and modify it accordingly. Mostly Things are easy with installing platforms like WordPress. WordPess like platform lets you reach to multiple people at a time. Also, you will be reaching to only those who are looking for you.

Usually, Domain Registration will cost $2 /yr which is a yearly cost and varies in accordance with your choice of domain name extension.( How to Register Domain Name)

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