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WordPress Blog first 5 things to do

You might be willing to start or already having WordPress blog, but first, five things you should do to make your blog effective and attractive enough are right here…!


The Motto : Decide your blog’s direction and be specific about it.

While blogging you must be aware of the topic you are blogging about. It might be Tech, Startup, Personal Experiences, Travel, Photography, Business, Health etc. If you are clear about it then it’s a bit easier to choose relevant resources like Theme.

Look : Its all about how it Looks..!

Once your direction is known you can select the boosters to speed up. In this case, boosters are themes, plugins, categories, Layouts etc. You may choose a suitable theme for your blog, plugins required etc.

Forum : Do you wanna discuss something ?

Use forums to engage users to your website which will help them also. You can add forum plugins like bbPress to do so. This will also increase traffic to your site.

The Guests : Invite guests to blog about relevant topics

Inviting guests to write at your website will help them to add indexing backlink which will increase their site ranking also traffic to your site which is a win-win situation.

Featured Image : Why not to add featured Images ?

Adding featured images to your each post will be helpful. While sharing links on social sites it fetches featured image if it’s absent then it will display default thumbnail which isn’t attractive enough.

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